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Keep campus clean and green.

The University of Utah recycles to reduce the campus community’s impact on the waste stream and to help protect the environment from hazards caused by negligent disposal processes.

The university uses a model that separates recycled goods, providing these significant benefits:

  • The U can sell materials back to distributors and manufacturers to help fund general U Facilities programs
  • Separation helps reduce the contamination of recycled goods, lowering costs and improving operational efficiencies

Waste Management maintains outdoor waste bins. Contact Josh James for more information.  Custodial Services maintains indoor recycling, which can be reached at 801-581-7221.

In addition to managing landfill waste, the Waste Management Office offers recycling for paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, and other materials. See each tab for more information specific to different materials. Check the Campus Waste Map for drop-off locations for different types of materials.

For common service requests, see the instructions below for both Main Campus and U of U Health.

    • Use this Facilities Management Service Request form.
      Select "Recycling/Waste" under "Common Problems" to direct requests to our Waste Management group. Waste Management can pick up recycling bins or provide additional supplies/bins.
    • Main Campus - University Archives & Records Management provides used boxes free of charge for documents that require shredding. You may also order these on the UShop form. Click here for instructions on using the UShop form to order boxes.
      • Note: You may only order boxes for shredding in addition to archive boxes since the order total/PO amount cannot be for $0.00.
    • U of U Health - Call 1-2121
    • Information for students, faculty, staff/employees, and managers is located on the Environmental Health and Safety website. You can find Incident Report Forms, Spill Kit Order Forms, and other helpful information in the Quick Links Menu.
    • The Safety Administrative Management System (SAM) is used to document hazardous waste on campus and to order any pick-ups or disposal. Use the SAM system to request a pick-up.

Common questions are addressed on the FAQ page.